The Three Most Important Traits To Look For In A Web Developer

Deciding who to hire to do web development for your business is no easy task. There are so many professionals looking to work, and it is often hard to determine who is the best candidate for the job. Fortunately, choosing a web developer doesn't have to be too complicated - just follow the advice in this article, and you'll be able to pick the right freelancer in no time.

When interviewing potential web designer contractors, there are three essential characteristics you need to assess. If they prove to meet the criteria, you know you'll be able to hire them and not have that decision backfire safely. 
The three aspects you need to consider are whether they're competent, whether they're reliable, and what's their personality like. If they do well in these three categories, they have what it takes to get it all done in time and without much of a hassle - so you can trust them with the job.


It's no surprise that when you
hire a professional we designer, you need to make sure they're good at what they do. There's no point hiring a lousy web developer - even if they seem wonderful to work with and you're sure they can deliver on time.

Competence is very easy to check for - simply ask for a portfolio or samples of their past work. Ideally, you'll be hiring someone who has a lot of experience, so if they can't provide that, it's likely best to go for someone who can.

Another way to make sure a web developer knows what they're doing is asking them simple questions about their previous jobs and how they handled them. Even if you don't have much technical knowledge, you'll be able to tell which ones are confident in their skills easily.


Hiring the best web designer in the world will do you no good if they're hard to reach or fail to deliver on time. A contractor designing a website for you needs to communicate and ask for your opinion on their work often - so you need to make sure they'll keep in touch and be open to communication.

Making sure a candidate will be able to communicate and deliver promptly can be hard - the best way to verify whether they're reliable is to pay close attention to how easy is it to contact them when arranging the interview, and whether they show on time for the appointment.

After paying attention to that, you can be extra sure that your candidate is reliable by contacting their references and simply asking - they'll likely be quick to tell you if the contractor was late all the time or hard to reach.


The personality of a potential contractor is often overlooked when deciding whether to hire them - but never make that mistake. Even someone organized and skilled can be a pain to work with if they have a difficult personality - and the last thing you want is a stressful relationship with your web developer.

There are many things you can do to make sure a candidate will be easy to work with. For instance, when you see their past work, offer criticism and see how they react. An emotionally stable person will thank you for your feedback, or respectfully disagree with most. A more difficult individual might get defensive or act rude in response.

Another easy way to get a feel for a candidate's personality is simply paying attention to how they carry themselves and how polite they are. If you sense arrogance or rudeness on their part, don't ignore it - that might trouble for you later down the road.

Closing Thoughts

Web Development freelancers come in all sizes and shapes - and every individual has their strengths and weaknesses. It can be overwhelming to compare each person's pros and cons, so keep these three big factors in mind, and you'll be able to make a good choice much more easily.

Of course, sometimes you get a lot of candidates, and judging only by these three traits may not be enough to make a choice. If you happen to come across multiple candidates who display competence, reliability and a good personality, there are two more tips you can consider.

First, you can analyze their past work and pick the individual who has the most experience in websites similar to the ones you need - so you know they won't have trouble with this particular job. Good luck in your search!

If two candidates get in a tie even then, it's simple - go with your gut! The two of them are likely good enough for the job, so pick whoever you're most comfortable choosing. Good luck in your search!